You can enable external experts to provide product advice in their communities and incentivize them to

  • Sell your assortment directly as new type of merchant in your name or
  • Pass on qualified and direct leads to you in an affiliate style of program You as a brand transact, conduct the fulfillment and “own” the customer afterwards

Within AMAZD external experts are treated the same way as internal staff. It is possible to give them an external tag either in their surname (Name [ext.]) or in their description.

In case you want to actively route conversations to the specific experts after the first contact with the customers, it is possible to set them as not ready for new conversations and reassign the conversations manually.

To create a specific Link, follow the next steps:

  1. Identify the URL that you want the customer to open in the background.
  2. e.g.
  3. Ensure that AMAZD is running on that URL
  4. Add the following parameter to open AMAZD immediately: ?amazd-show
  5. Add the following parameter to link a specific expert: ?amazd-expert=expert-handle