Our Shopware 6 integration will provide access to 3 features: the product catalog, the customer success tab and the wishbag (which is a cart + checkout). For the first two features, AMAZD needs to access to your (1) Shopware 6 Store API, while for the wishbag you will need to (2) install a plugin. Read on for more information for both of these.

1. Integrate with AMAZD

Amazd backend uses two Shopware’s APIs: public storefront API & admin API

For authentication of storefront API used sw-access-key. Open Shopware 6 admin, select target sales channel on the sidebar, copy API access key.

For admin API it’s required to create an integration. Open admin → sidebar → settings → system → Integrations. Create new integration and copy Access key ID and Secret access key.

2. Extension

For the integration of checkout from Amazd wishbag (cart) to Shopware 6 cart used a custom extension.

Development guide: https://github.com/amazd-code/shopware-integration#development