In order to get AMAZD running, only a very few steps are really necessary. Everything else is recommended, but not mandatory. To start, you need to add the following code snippet to the global header <header> of your website.

window.amazdSettings = {
"company": "company-handle",
//add your custom code here
(function (d, s) { var e = d.createElement(s), t = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
e.async = true; e.src = ''; t.parentNode.insertBefore(e, t);})(document, 'script');
HINT: Note that you will need to change the company-handle according to the information received during the onboarding.

That's it. Now it is already time to figure out the right strategy of how your customers can reach out to you.

In case you need a bit of support in the installation of the AMAZD, feel free to browse through our in-depth manuals:

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