Add your team in AMAZD

Now it is time to simply add your team members to AMAZD. All you need is their work email addresses and the roles they are going to take. An short overview of the different roles and rights within AMAZD can be found below.

The first steps to add team members as an Owner
  1. Visit AMAZD at
  2. Go to the team tab (in the header)
  3. Click on "Invite" to add the team members & choose their roles
  4. The team members receive an email with a link to set up their profiles including extended onboarding material
AMAZD_Template_Onboarding_Welcome to AMAZD, Owner_DE(4).png

Different roles within AMAZD

Clear responsibilities in the daily business are the success driver for your new channel. Here you'll find and overview of all roles within AMAZD.

Set your availabilities in AMAZD to remain available for customers

In order for customers to contact your team, you need to set the expert accounts to active and schedule accessibility.

General availabilities

  1. Click on your "Profile" in the top right menu bar
  2. Tap on "My availabilities"
  3. Select your available "days"
  4. Define the start and end times in the dropdown menu
  5. Tap on the right plus "+" to select multiple time slots per day
  6. Do not forget to "save" your availabilities, otherwise they will be gone

Exceptions and overrides

  1. Select "I have today off" or "I have tomorrow off" to indicate that you have today or tomorrow off
  2. If you are not available on one or more days, click on "Set overrides"
  3. Select the day(s)
  4. Click the plus sign "+" on the right to set a different availability time slot for a particular day, then click "Save". TIP: If you are not available for the entire period, you do not need to select a time
  5. Don't forget to "Save" the changes, otherwise they will be gone
AMAZD_Template_Onboarding_Welcome to AMAZD, Owner_DE(5).png
HINT: Keep the "ready for new conversations" status enabled after hours. Many customer inquiries are made outside of normal business hours. Customers often have questions late at night and simply want to get them off their chest right away.
But that doesn't mean customers expect an answer right away. Nevertheless, we suggest that a manager profile in the team always remains active, i.e. "ready for new conversations".
That way, the next morning, you can simply forward customers' conversations and questions to available experts to handle.

Experts Onboarding

We offer you a seamless onboarding process and guide you with every step. Please have a look at our best practice guide and Do's and Dont's before having your first customer contact through AMAZD.

  1. Download the AMAZD mobile app directly from the app store and continue with the registration process described here
  2. Visit the web app and log in with your credentials, which you set in the first step
  3. Continue with the setup process, described in our onboarding deck.
Do's and Dont's

We would like to share our best practice guide with you here. This helps you to have a confident start with your first online customer.