Widget bubble

The widget can be displayed on each page of your website and is fully customizable. As a owner you can change the picture and the colors in the web app here.

The widget bubble does not need an additional code snippet. Simply change the "hide": true, parameter to false or delete it from the snippet completely

Action buttons

Additionally, "talk to an expert" buttons can be displayed on e.g. product detail pages, landing pages and/or offer pages to open the interactive widget. Embedded CTAs can be distributed easily throughout your website for specific flows. The widget can be shown closed and open or hidden completely. Simply add the following javascript to the button:


<button id="amazd-open-button">Open</button>
 window.onAmazdReady = function (amazd) {
   document.getElementById("amazd-open-button").addEventListener("click", function () {

Offline trigger points are also possible. For more on this jump click here.