To hold a video call, a customer can schedule an appointment based on the expert's availability or the expert can invite the customer to an instantaneous call. One minute before the scheduled appointment, a virtual meeting room opens where the customer and the expert can enter.

During the phone call it is possible to send product links or links to prepared shopping carts.

An expert cannot reschedule or cancel the appointment. If something comes up, the expert can ask the client to cancel the appointment and schedule a new one.

Instruction app:

1. Open the chat with the appointment

2. Open the "Call" tab and start a video call


2. Click “Join call”


Instruction webversion:

1. Open the chat with an appointment
2. While being in the chat, guide to the phone icon within the side pannel on the right side of the window

3. You will now see the scheduled call with the customer
4. Your customers will be notified via an Email when the call starts. Along the Email they receive a link directly into the call